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Pluto Tri-flame Candle

Pluto Tri-flame Candle

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Pluto is the planet of questioning. It is linked to questions, the search for truth, transmutation. It helps to understand and work on doubts and questioning.

The Pluton Candle is composed of

💎 Black Tourmaline: excellent stone of introspection, it is perfect to dive into oneself and take stock, to know where we are in all honesty.
💎 Azurite: Helps expand the ability to conceive. the spirit of understanding and going to the source of our ideas. It suggests thinking before deciding and acting.
🌿 Basil: used for abundance, psychic and spiritual elevation, protection, purification and relaxation / return to calm.


Candle scent: 

  • Top notes: Heliotrope Aldehydic accord
  • Heart notes: Benzoin Amber
  • Background notes: Cashmere wood Tonka bean

Fondant scent: 

  • Cashmere
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